integrate anywhere

Customise and Brand your own CRM / Database Communication Tool
Send precisely the right message to precisely the right customer at precisely the right time.

All-Encompassing API

Use our pre-built front-end. Skin it any way you want. Make it your own!
OR build your own front-end using our API.

API Documents


Massive, expensive global corporations are dominating the CRM / Marketing software industry. Majestic3 has a different approach: we provide the framework to build your own system that is cheaper and more effective than any other. If you still want to use your existing CRM, simply plug-in those M3 modules that you want.

With Majestic3, all of these services are available in one place, with the added option of building your own plug-in or enhancement:

  • Database and contact management
  • CRM
  • Bulk email, SMS, social media and VOIP communication
  • Journey and drip communication
  • Status triggers
  • Trackers / sales funnel and pipeline management
  • Custom tables
    …and much, much more!



Build your own plug-ins and sell them to our community!


Technical overview

Easy to learn API. Easy to use, even without documentation! Hard to misuse.
Easy to read and maintain any code that supports it. Easy to extend.

  • REST based API - use simple http calls to achieve results
  • API exclusively uses SSL for enhanced security
  • In-depth reference documentation for the API
  • API responds in JSON
  • API handles validation for you
  • Sample code and prebuilt applications and modules on Github
  • Comprehensive guide to authenticate your calls provided with API keys
  • Hypermedia describes additional operations linked to operation performed
  • API describes information required for almost operations with system forms, taking more work away from you to focus on business and not logic
  • Manage the amount of data returned to deal with bandwidth constraints
  • Webhooks available with integration into Zapier, etc.



The Opportunity

Your own front-end + your own plug-ins + custom integration = YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
Make money from software, services and apps
Target a specific industry or create your own USP
Supports open source community
Supports all languages which can talk to the web
Support available (at a cost depending on scenario)


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